Franck Latour

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119 West 23rd St Suite 801 NY, NY 10011

Franck Latour

Franck Latour brings a strong international background and expansive view of the world having resided in locations such as France, the UK and New York City and travelled beyond.  He has demonstrated an adaptable personality from working with clients from a variety of backgrounds and countries across the world.

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 Franck has qualities that allow him to help sellers maximize value and profit from the sale of their most important asset. These include extensive knowledge of the New York City real estate market, ability to identify the strengths of a home in order to market it the best way possible, expertise on buildings and neighborhoods, an ample network of contacts, and remarkable negotiating skills honed over 15 years of sale's experience.

He will support you during the entire sales process and will handle every facet of board package preparation.  His meticulous nature ensures that the entire transaction will run as smoothly as possible. Franck can communicate in both English and French fluently. 

Franck is also an asset to buyers. His primary focus is to help customers find the most exceptional homes, to deliver the greatest return for investors, and to provide the highest level of service. He is always be available and attentive. 

Franck Latour has successfully build his business on referrals due to the care and dedication to his existing and new client base.  He is looking forward to helping you find your next home or sell your existing one!